We THINK it takes a village

“To identify the most innovative technologies in the world to enhance public safety and homeland security, with a specific interest in technologies that reduce line of duty deaths (LODDs) and/or loss of life.” Every day I think about this and I have been extremely fortunate to surround myself with team members and partners that share this vision. I am beyond proud of the leadership, engagement, creativity and ownership our team shows our clients, partners and first responders every day. In 2018, we are introducing PDC Buzz as one way to showcase innovations, introduce you to our team members, showcase technologies that we are helping transition from DoD with Defense to Response | D2R and highlight early technology adopters with our First Responder Innovation Spotlight. The programming we have lined up for 2018 is strategically targeting first responder technologies, #ResponderTech, #FireTech, #LawTech and thought leaders to plow paths for public safety technology adoption. I am proud to admit that at TEEX we have a selfish motive, “to find the most innovative technologies for first responders and see if we can incorporate them into trainings for our students, 180,000 First Responders annually.” In a continuous pursuit of this vision, we are excited to announce Under Fire | Response Innovation Showdown that will be held March 8-9, 2018 in College Station, Texas. We will invite the 20 most innovative technologies in public safety to town for two rounds of judging, with 10 companies advancing to technology demonstrations at Disaster City® on day 2 and the opportunity to win cash prizes. Final Thought: PDC Buzz, D2R and Under Fire are the culmination of 10 years of friendships, partnerships, colleagues, entrepreneurs, investors, first responders and PDC Rockstars. I cannot wait to introduce you to my team in 2018. Paul Siebert, Lou Blinn, Ryan Mills and Shelby Payne are who I get to go to work with every day to bring innovation to First Responders. We THINK it takes a village. We are looking for neighbors. Caleb.holt@teex.tamu.edu