Shelby’s IACP Top Tech

When training for emergency response, often the most difficult issue is simulating the fear, adrenaline and realness of a scenario. When it comes to emergency medical training, Operative Experience is getting you as close to reality as it comes. Their robotic patients go beyond simulation with biofidelic emulation. These soft tissue, full body manikins, emulate a variety of realistic trauma and surgical applications. Operative Experience has three suites of simulators- Tactical, Surgery, and Labor and Delivery. Their Tactical Hemorrhage Control Trainer, focused on training first responders, has the ability for tourniquet application, wound packing, airway management and more.

In emergency medical scenarios first responders must make quick assessments, evaluating injuries based both on stage and type. This assessment often proves to be the difference between life and death of a victim. This product produces realistic injuries to allow for responders to train and make assessments comparable to a real casualty scenario. Not only can they make assessments of injury, but they can act to address injury and the simulator will respond just as a victim would- bleeding, breathing and in some cases even giving birth. Yes, that’s what I said, full birth capabilities. Unlike many simulators that have staged birthing, the RealMom line of product simulates labor from fetus within the uterus through the entire labor and delivery process.

The military has a focus in full immersion training by using Hollywood battlefield special effects, wound makeup effects, and role players. Results from this training has been staggering. Not only is the training more effective for responding to incidents, but physiologically there is a reduction in stress inducing chemicals in the body. Overall, this training can reduce post traumatic stress and better address anxiety disorders in the long run for both military and responders.

It’s exciting to see these advances in robotic simulation, and this technology is definitely an eye catching one.

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