Product Development Services

THINK | Idea Validation

From competitive assessments, pricing strategies, to SWOT analysis, we help lay the groundwork for your future success. Our Idea Validation reports can give you an early indication whether technology commercialization is viable, so you can decide how to focus your investment and resources to best benefit your product and/or company.

THINK | Market Assessment

We help you assess market conditions, opportunities, barriers to entry and distribution channel options for your product. We perform interviews with academic and professional decisionmakers, industry experts, customers and competitors. Our benchmarking studies will identify potential profits and provide competitive insights into industry partners that can help you succeed.

THINK | Business Planning

Writing a business plan can be the difference between market entry and development bust. Our team works directly with you to ensure competitive intelligence is up-to-date and product development milestones are obtainable. We build custom business plans that provide successful strategies for product development, marketing and operations.

BUILD | Design

When it comes to Product Design, our engineering expertise shines. Through our sister agency, the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES), and our strategic partnerships across the State of Texas, we offer services in: Assessing or developing design drawings, Defining initial specifications, Prototyping, Testing and evaluation

BUILD | Prototype

We are committed to helping you move your technology into the hands of consumers. Prototyping is the critical step for turning a concept into a functional product. We assist you in accessing readily available services, including: Precision-grade plastic injection molding, Extrusion, 3-D Printing, Secondary assembly and operations

BUILD | Test

Testing is our core strength, and we specialize in developing customized tests to meet the needs of your technology. We leverage TEEX facilities and other Texas A&M University System resources with the engineering expertise of the Texas Center for Applied Technology to ensure your product is ready and reliable when entering the market. The TEEX TESTED® mark is our latest offering for designing and executing testing for disruptive and innovative technologies.

SELL | Manufacture

Through our strategic partnerships, we can offer you pilot production, plant optimization and workforce skills training, as well as identify a long-term manufacturing solution for your product. To help you accomplish your goals, TEEX PDC leverages the National Institute of Science and Technology’s (NIST) national Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) program through our own regional Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center (TMAC).

SELL | Market

Once your technology is in production, we can assist you in developing a branding strategy that will give you a consistent platform throughout all of your marketing efforts. We can help you with website design and hosting, digital and print marketing, advertising and brand development.

SELL | Deliver

Our ultimate mission is to help entrepreneurs and companies move products into the global marketplace. Regardless of where your technology enters the product development cycle, we start with the end in mind and measure our success by the introduction of optimized products into new markets or niches. We can help you by identifying potential partners, implementing marketplace best practices, develop product roll-out strategies, and outline steps for technology adoption.

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