Fentanyl Detection, Personnel Lighting and a Nonlethal Flashbang Complete D2R Year 2

The Defense to Response Technology Transition Program (D2R) just closed out our second class of companies for Domestic Preparedness Support Initiative (DPSI). The mission of D2R is to identify Department of Defense funded technologies that offer the greatest opportunity to enhance public safety and homeland security. Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service’s Product Development Center (TEEX PDC) was selected to operate the technology transition plan for DPSI in the Spring of 2016. D2R prides itself that the technologies that enter the year-long program are selected by first responders. Our motto for D2R is, “To Protect Those, Who Protect Us.” The call for solutions rounds up all the technologies that we find from available DoD contractors. Then after two rounds of judging by more than 40 responders the top 12 companies are invited as semi-finalist to College Station, Texas for the Defense to Response Technology Showcase. Participants receive a full day of first responder focus groups and gear up to participate in a Responder Experience. From using jaws of life, driving monitors on an Aircraft Rescue Firefighting (ARFF) truck to extinguish aircraft fires, firing pistols and rifles, experiencing use of controlled explosives or having to make shoot-no shoot decisions in augmented reality each participant has their opportunity to experience elements of a responders responsibilities. Then in a shark tank style approach each company pitches their technology to a final round of judges, only 3 winners. The 2017-2018 – Year 2 Class raised the bar. Fentanyl detection, personnel lighting and a nonlethal flashbang all leave the D2R program with traction, interest and companies committed to enhancing public safety and homeland security. I am extremely proud of my team at TEEX PDC and the work that went into each product. Admittedly the operation testing took place later in the program this year that the previous. But I am confident that we accomplished operational testing that only a few could pull off. Year 2’s technologies included:
  • DetectaChem’s MobileDetect for Fentanyl, positively identified fentanyl, for the D2R team and subject matter experts brought in to talk about fentanyl, on June 1, 2018 at MRI Global in Kansas City. In pure form, 25%, 5% and 1% solutions that were cut with caffeine, MobileDetect positively detected all vials with its colorimetric, Multi-Drug Test pouch and Smartphone App. Operationally, more than 50 first responders from fire and law have been engaged and shown how to utilize the trace substance detection system. The D2R team with DetectaChem realized that rapid spread and potential threat of fentanyl in the United States needed to be discussed. On July 9, 2018, “A Fentanyl Discussion” will release its first episode in a nine part series with the great guys at SmartFireFighting.com
  • Everythingtacticalcom soft launches tomorrow, July 1, 2018 with its D2R graduate, E/T Lights. Everyone can make a light, but no one makes a more durable, long lasting, personnel lighting device and the only patented light with 4 colors on one light. The E/T Light is Inter-Agency Board (IAB) listed on approved purchasing list. E/T Lights are designated a, “QUALIFIED ANTI-TERRORISM TECHNOLOGY” and “APPROVED PRODUCT FOR HOMELAND SECURITY” by DHS’s, “Safety Act’ program. Through D2R, E/T Lights received their Intrinsically Safe testing certifications and kits were developed to showcase the E/T Lights versatility. Walking out of D2R with an all new look, I hope you will join me in visiting and purchasing lights from www.Everythingtactical.com
  • Applied Research Associate’s Non-pyrotechnic diversion device (NPDD) is providing solutions for our nation’s demand for non-lethal tactics and operations among the law enforcement community. D2R actually tried to procure explosive-based flashbangs for 4 months, before it was determined we would need to go on the road to find a testing location that allowed us to competitively test the NPDD against the devices that are used today by our nation’s tactical teams. Two things are clear:
    1. If your department is looking for a nonlethal flashbang, NPDD offers a viable solution
    2. If the NPDD is going to directly compete with explosive-based flashbangs either the sound or flash must increase. ARA is already working towards this option with the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate.
As we move into the second half of 2018, I am excited about continuing to tell the stories of these technologies to our nation’s first responders. We are eager to continue finding departments to procure them and partners to help make them available through their sales channels. Additionally, tomorrow Sunday, July 1, 2018 we open the Call for Solutions for Year 3 technologies for the Defense to Response program. If you or someone you know is tied to a technology that has any DoD funds in its origin, please apply before August 15, 2018 at www.teexpdc.com/d2r Caleb W. Holt | Center Manager TEEX Product Development Center Program Director Defense to Response Technology Transition Program (D2R) Chair | Technology Council International Association of Fire Chiefs | IAFC