Defense to Response- How it Came to Be.

Defense to Response (D2R) is a technology transition program focused on identifying Department of Defense (DoD) technologies that have the ability to enhance public safety and homeland security. D2R is sponsored by the Domestic Preparedness Support Initiative (DPSI) in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense.

In the summer of 2014 at Fire-Rescue International in Dallas, Texas, Don Lapham, Director of DPSI briefed me on a program they sponsored in San Diego to transition DoD Tech to First Responders. I was later invited to attend the annual down selection event and participate as a judge. Honored to participate and eager to help transition technologies to first responders, TEEX made a strategic decision to apply for the opportunity to work with DPSI when it was released through a Broad Agency Announcement from the Counter Terrorism Technical Support Office.  

Fast forward 18 months, on June 24th, 2016 TEEX was awarded the DPSI contract and as is the case when working with first responders, we rapidly responded. We jumped on a plane headed to Washington D.C. In the Hilton Mark Center on the day prior to our kickoff with DPSI, the logo, branding, and plan for Year 1 all came together. Defense to Response was born.

D2R is an annual program that we split into two phases. We spend the first 3 months searching and turning over every rock to find DoD funded technologies with the potential to enhance public safety and homeland security. We then, through two rounds of judging, ask more than 70 first responders and business advisors to identify technologies most applicable to real-world issues faced in public safety. After verification and approval process with DPSI, we invite roughly 12 companies to the Defense to Response Technology Showcase, held every September.  At the Showcase, we provide every company responder SME office hours, a Responder Experience™, and 25 minutes to pitch their technology to a panel of Finals Judges from Law, Fire, USAR, Utilities, and Business. When the Showcase is finished we down select to 3 winners.

Then the fun begins. D2R is looking for Technical Readiness Level 6-7 technologies to enter a 9-month intense transition program. At TEEX Product Development Center (PDC) we have been utilizing a tried and true process called, Think. Build. Sell. In a simple world, we spend 3 months on each step of the process.

TEEX PDC then leverages every resource, network, contact, and partner to try to move each technology to a specific first responder market. To date, we have had 6 technologies complete the D2R program with 3 technologies just added to the 2018-2019 class. We are proud that 4 out of the 6 technologies are actively selling products, 1 was just licensed to LION, and the 6th is waiting on investor decisions. The D2R Portfolio includes:

Year 1:

Protect the Force

Hearing Armor

Cultural Quotient Corporation

Year 2:

Southwest Synergistic Solutions


Applied Research Associates

Year 3:



Protect the Force

We are eager to tell you more about the work we have done, and are currently doing with each company in the program, as well as get you involved with D2R. Subscribe below or check back for upcoming blog posts about D2R companies.