2017 Defense to Response Technology Program Winners Announced

2017 Defense to Response Technology Program winners announced

Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service Product Development Center has announced the 2017 Defense to Response Technology Program winners. D2R searched for Department of Defense funded technologies to enhance public safety and homeland security. D2R is the Domestic Preparedness Support Initiative’s Technology Transition Program that will identify three technologies, annually and provide $110,000 worth of services. Applied Research Associates, Inc. Non-Pyrotechnic Diversionary Device The Non-Pyrotechnic Diversionary Device (NPDD) is intended to address and overcome the shortcomings and regulations with traditional or conventional incendiary flashbang devices on the market today. The NPDD may be desirable to law enforcement teams that need to operate in environments where pyrotechnic-based flashbang technologies are a poor or nonexistent choice. In addition to operational use, the NPDD could be a cost-effective training tool for law enforcement personnel who utilize incendiary flashbangs but desire to reduce health risks such as breathing hazardous fumes, severe burns or dismemberment. DetectaChem LLC, MobileDetect Test for Fentanyl ID MobileDetect from DetectaChem is the next evolution of products following DetectaChem’s top-selling SEEKER line of handheld automated colorimetric detection devices. DetectaChem’s detection engine that powers the MobileDetect app enables automated colorimetric detection with a smartphone as an orthogonal approach in presumptive testing of substances of interest. With the growing opioid epidemic and the dangers of Fentanyl and Carfentanil, every police officer and first responder needs a cost effective and safe way to detect the presence of these substances so they may identify them and handle them appropriately. Southwest Synergistic Solutions E/T (Emergency/Tactical) Light The technology was originally developed at the request of a Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) medic who was carrying four bags of chemical lights to triage patients. The E/T light combines four colors red, yellow, green, blue or infrared red, green, blue into one combat proven, lightweight, durable, illuminated marker that functions in all austere environments. The E/T light has countless applications for emergency responders such as tagging team members, patients and equipment. In addition to first responders there are uses in hunting, kayaking, fishing, back-up lighting, camping, scuba diving and boating. For more information about Defense 2 Response or Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service Product Development Center visit www.teexpdc.com or www.facebook.com/teexpdc.